Get the Most Out of Your Dark Spot Correcting Serum and Other Products for Dark Spots

Dark spots on the skin is a concern which is usually experienced by adults as they grow older and can actually make a person look Ten years older. These unattractive spots usually often appear around the face plus hands and eliminating them could be specifically difficult.

Dark Spots on the Skin

You may get allergic reactions from cosmetic procedures in spite of their costs. Many people leave this option out and opt for dark spot creams instead. The problem is that there are many disadvantages associated with such topical treatments. Since you don’t get the results right away, there are some side effects which you might experience. Having said that, on researching as well as reading Proactiv dark spot corrector reviews, you might recognize that a topical treatment is likely to be not only a safer, but a more convenient solution to procedures that are cosmetically more invasive.

Purifying your skin of its impurities and turning it into more vibrant is the main objective of the different kinds of serums you can get. The best dark spot correctors to use are the serum form as what skin experts have stated.

This is because they are much more concentrated when in the form of serum. If possible, avoid the spot correctors in cream form. The most effective dark spot remover must exfoliate the top layers of the skin while preventing melanin production. Professionals in skin care provides you with a couple of products to eliminate dark spots completely.

When planning to reduce dark spots, the following are advised:

Use a Multi-Purpose Treatment

Although hydroquinone is considered as the gold standard for removing brown spots, it could be irritating to the skin. Alpha-arbutin, kojic acid, licorice extract, vitamin C and others are more effective to make your skin less sensitive to the product. Get yourself a pair of these items because they help each other in removing your dark spots.

Use Only the Best

Spot treatments for complexions blemished by sun damage or disorders such as melisma are not very effective as they may generate a halo effect. It is suggested by specialists that you use a combination of spot treatment meant for the whole face or area affected by the dark spots.

Dark Spot Treatments Before and After

Applying Retinol

Aside from merely fighting facial lines, the anti-ager also targets hyperpigmentation. This will cause rapid modifications in the cells. Dark spots can spread but with the usage of Retinol, you can lower their growth. Do not forget that maintenance helps keep the spots from coming back.

Use A Booster

Pick a lightening product with chemical exfoliant ingredient like glycolic or salicylic acid. They eliminate dead cells gently, giving you a lovely and fairer skin in no time. What makes this process advantagteous is that it makes skin lighter as the active ingredients work better to remove the top layer and replenish your skin.

Protect the Neck as Well

The product’s must be able to deal with skin issues on the chest and neck regions, as well. Remember to let your skin adapt to it first since these are sensitive areas. The product should be applied every second day. Do this to reduce potential soreness and sensitivity from retinol or glycolic acid.

Got stretch marks? Don’t feel bad – you’re among millions of others that battle with this skin condition every single year. Whether you’ve earned your marks through the 9 months of child-bearing or you developed them from a growth spurt or weight loss – don’t worry, not all is lost.

Treating Stretch Marks

Despite what some doctors may tell you, there are affordable ways to treat stretch marks that don’t involve surgery or even spending a ton of money on expensive treatments. For people that have developed their stretch marks within the last 6 months or so there’s a very simple and easy-to-get option – creams.

Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch mark removal creams are specialized topical treatments that are meant to help get rid of the lines, ripples, and discoloration caused by stretch marks. This is accomplished by nourishing the skin back to health using a combination of potent moisturizers, melanin blockers, and other vital nutrients the skin needs to re-form itself and repair damaged areas.

A great example is a product from StriVectin called TriLastin SR which can be found here –

Stretch Mark Creams

That being said, creams are NOT an overnight remedy. In most cases you’ll get noticeable results after using a topical cream daily for 1 to 2 months. While that may sound slow, it’s a lot faster than waiting for the stretch marks to fade on their own which can take 6 months to a year or longer depending on the age and severity of the scars.

Creams are also very inexpensive compared to surgeries and laser treatments. A good stretch mark cream will typically only set you back around $60. Some go as high as $100+, other varieties are even available in the $30 range. Generally speaking, though, the cheaper creams are mostly for preventative care and can do little for you if you already have stretch marks. The more expensive brands tend to have more potent formulas designed to tackle deep grooves and red or purple colored lines.

What Areas Can Creams Treat?

Believe it or not, there’s a cream for practically every part of the body. So whether you’ve got stress marks on your boobs or deep stretch marks on the buttocks, there’s a cream out there that can and will help you diminish the scars.

Stretch Marks on Butt

The most common areas are the stomach (mostly from pregnancy or weight related causes), the breasts (often from breastfeeding), and the butt where fat tends to collect the fastest and stretches out the skin causing those dastardly lines to rear their ugly heads.

What if a Cream Doesn’t Help?

If a cream proves to be unhelpful for your personal skin issues – don’t lose hope. As we mentioned earlier on in this article, there are other methods of treating stretch marks. Laser treatments from dermatologists work pretty well for breaking down marks. This usually requires several sessions, but it provides fast results.

The last resort is, of course, surgery. A skin tightening procedure is usually what’s required for taking care of cases of extremely bad stretch marks. This will involve a lot of healing time and a much bigger budget, but if all else fails – go for it.

Skin not looking quite as spectacular as it once did? Want to brighten up your appearance and, in the same swing, wipe out any god-awful blemishes that may be plaguing your face, hands, or even your thighs? A popular treatment method known as skin lightening can do just that.

About Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is, as one can probably guess, primarily used to reduce the amount of pigmentation, thus whitening the skin, for a whiter, more youthful look. This same process can, however, also work wonders for getting rid of common skin ailments such as dark spots, freckles, or even old scars.

Skin Lightening for Youthful Appearance

How Does it Work?

Most products that are designed for skin lightening work by targeting the melanin within the skin. This is the substance that’s responsible for the coloration of your skin. By slowing down the production of melanin, you subsequently make affected areas become lighter. This is best personified when applying skin lighteners to areas that have succumbed to hyperpigmentation, the over-production of melanin that causes certain spots on the skin to become darker than the rest.

What Are the Best Products?

There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of skin lightening products available at pharmacies, specialty beauty shops, and even the grocery store. Not all of them are well-equipped to give you the results you may be seeking, though.

The cheapest creams and lotions are often made with formulas consisting of ingredients that differ only slightly from a standard skin moisturizer. These often don’t do anything for removing dark spots or fighting against hyperpigmentation.

Skin Lightening Before and After

There are, however, other, more potent options available. The better products tend to include substances such as hydroquinone or special-made formulas that are specifically meant to treat hyperpigmentation. One of the best ones we’ve come across is a topical cream called Meladerm.

Learn more about Meladerm by going here >>

How Long Does it Take?

Results are seen at varying times depending on the severity of your skin condition as well as the individual product you’re using to treat it. Meladerm, for example, is among one of the fastest-acting formulas out there. The manufacturer of the cream states on its website that most people see noticeable results within just two weeks of regular use.

Most other topical treatments take anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 1/2 months to provide any real differences in the appearance of the skin. This is still quite a bit faster than using home treatments such as lemon juice or other “natural remedies” that are touted as being far safer than store-bought products.

Fearful of eventually getting a saggy, old-looking neck? Well, fear no longer. Believe it or not, there are ways to prevent your neck from failing you in the future. The easiest and most affordable option is to use a special cream to tighten neck skin and prevent wrinkles. These creams are easy to come by, less costly than laser or surgical treatments, and, for most women, they’re very effective. You can find them at drugstores, Ulta, or even online.

One of the most popular is a product called Nectifirm which can you learn more about here >> Neck Before and After

How do these creams work? Well, the biggest thing they do is provide ample moisture to the skin to keep it soft and supple. In addition to that they also work to stimulate the production of collagen within the area. Collagen is essentially the core building block that keeps skin together and looking great. The more of it your body is putting out – the better.

Collagen restoration isn’t all that these nifty products do, though. They also help to bring back the natural elasticity of the skin which means it’ll “shrivel up” and become more taught. This usually aids in getting rid of those stubborn wrinkles and sagging areas. In other words – it eliminates the effects of turkey neck. This is key because this is often what makes you look so much older.

Nectifirm isn’t the only one out there. You can find a great list of the best neck creams on this page >>

Creams obviously aren’t your only option when it comes to fixing your neck and making it look younger. There are tons of medical spas and dermatologists that will recommend and administer laser treatments to tighten up the skin in this area. You can also book a consultation with a plastic surgeon and you’ll find that there are surgical procedures such as neck lifts that can instantly repair sagging neck skin, too.

Your neck is just as important as your face when it comes to making yourself look young. Think about it…. aside from having lines and wrinkles on the face what’s the next thing you notice about another woman that looks older? It’s usually the neck and chest. These areas fall prey to aging just as much as anything else. So, it’s better to start taking care of these areas now to avoid looking 10 to 20 years older than you are later when your neck inevitably starts to sag and develop dark spots, wrinkles, and more.